Please become a Guardian Angel this Christmas and give the gift of a safe and loving home to animals in desperate need

This year the kindness and generosity of RSPCA supporters enabled us to bust a number of dog-fighting rings across Queensland as part of a special Taskforce investigation, rescuing around 100 dogs. 

There is not one positive word that could ever describe the harsh emotional and physical conditions experienced by dogs forced to participate in dog-fighting rings … for these unfortunate animals, Christmas is definitely not a time of happiness and joy.

When not fighting for the entertainment and financial gain of greedy humans, these dogs are tethered on heavy chains in the dirt – in close proximity but with chains just short enough so they cannot reach each other. Raised to be constantly on edge and resilient so they become stronger fighters, they have very minimal shelter from harsh weather conditions and no comfortable bedding.

Many of the dogs rescued from dog-fighting rings suffer extensive physical and emotional problems, requiring costly specialist surgical and medical support, extended rehabilitation time and special rehoming services. Add to this the expensive legal costs of prosecuting the organisers of the illegal fighting rings, and … it all adds up.

Can you please help? RSPCA Qld receives only 2% of the income we need from the Government. Yet, for each animal that needs our help and support it costs $25 per day to shelter, protect and care for them.

By donating to our Guardian Angel appeal this year you will join a group of incredibly special and most compassionate group of supporters – our Guardian Angels – and earn your Christmas halo by helping severely abused animals like Daisy, a beautiful five-year-old Staffy Cross.

When the Taskforce raided the property Daisy was living on, it was immediately clear that her life had been full of neglect. She had serious physical and behavioural issues. But following months of medical treatment and care by RSPCA staff, Daisy was finally adopted into her safe and loving forever home.

But for every animal like Daisy who gets a happy ending there are thousands more who will be spending this holiday season in an animal shelter while waiting for their forever home.

In the next three months, RSPCA will house and protect more than 15,000 homeless, neglected, and unwanted animals. With current average lengths of shelter stays at 18 days for a dog and 28 days for a cat – though many stay much longer – our costs for this period are expected to exceed $6 million.

When you donate to our Christmas appeal, you will become a Guardian Angel to animals desperately needing a safe and loving home, bringing hope and life to all those precious creatures who would otherwise be spending their Christmas alone, scared and unloved.

You can also share the joy of becoming a Guardian Angel by donating on behalf of a loved one. They too will become a Guardian Angel with a personalised eCard, and their own special animal to watch over. You can place your gift card order online when making your donation.