Give the gift of kindness this Christmas. Donate now and sponsor the care of a homeless animal in need.

Hello, my name is Izzy, and I’m one of the friendliest dogs you will ever meet. My story begins in a very sad place; but thankfully it has a happy ending!


When I was just a tiny puppy my former owner locked me away in a laundry and left me to die. I had developed a terrible skin infection you see which left my skin raw and hurting all over. I was very sick, frightened, thirsty and alone. It hurt so much. My beautiful orange fur had all but disappeared. Fortunately, Alison from RSPCA came and rescued me. I was so grateful!

When I was found by Alison she thought I had already passed on. I was curled up in a pile of laundry hiding from the world. When she saw my tail move, she very carefully and quickly scooped me up and transported me to the RSPCA Animal Hospital for treatment. The vets and staff took such good care of me there that after many weeks of love and care my fur returned and I started feeling much better. This is also when I met Emma and my forever family.

I will always carry the physical scars from my illness with me but I don’t mind them so much. They help me to remember that it is because of generous people like you I was given a new family and my very own bed to sleep in this Christmas.

Will you please help my shelter friends still out there looking for someone to watch over them?