RSPCA is a well-recognised and community centric charity. We have distinctive a blue and green “Paw Box” located in businesses throughout Queensland.

By displaying a Paw Box, your business will be seen as a community organisation in partnership with RSPCA, and you will be making a difference to animals in need!

Many of your customers will also share the story of their own RSPCA rescue animal!

Our Paw Box can be secured to your counter or register. We will work with you to make sure these important funds come through regularly to the RSPCA.

To register to be a SuPAWtor and have a Paw Box in your school or workplace, please submit your application here. Once your registration has been received, you will be issued with a Paw Box collection container and advised how to return the collected funds to RSPCA Qld.

Thank you for your support, every cent helps all creatures great and small.