Finn, a six-week-old puppy, was suffering with a painful and potentially fatal disease when he arrived at our Animal Emergency Hospital. Every month thousands more animals like him experience pain and suffering across Queensland.

At RSPCA, we do all we can to care for innocent animals that need our help. But, without ongoing support, we would not be able to care for them.

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Finn, a young Labrador mix Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy was so sore, red and swollen we couldn’t even tell what breed of dog he was. He was diagnosed with a rare condition called ‘Puppy Strangles’.

Little Finn, for the first 6 weeks of his life, had gone without his necessary vaccinations and essential nutrition that a growing puppy needs. His little immune system could not cope when he became very sick with a rare condition called ‘Puppy Strangles’.

Head Vet, Dr Anne Chester, was working in our RSPCA Animal Emergency Hospital on Tuesday 6th January, the day little Finn came in. As Anne explains Puppy Strangles is a rare and potentially fatal immune and skin disease that inflicts some puppies.

“Finn’s little face was so swollen and sore – all of his fur was missing and his face was scarred. He was so sore, red and swollen I couldn’t even tell what breed of dog he was. He also had a fever and was lethargic.

This poor little puppy was suffering from a rare skin disorder that affects his face, ears and salivary lymph nodes.

He must have been in such discomfort and pain. You see this kind of swelling of the face and lymph nodes would make it painful to eat, also with no ability to smell as his muzzle was swollen and affected – he would have lost his appetite. Which makes this disease so life threatening – if not treated, pups end up succumbing to rapid weight loss and starvation.”

If not for RSPCA – and the regular gifts we receive from supporters like you – who would care for these animals? Where would they go? With less than 1% government funding and the demand for our work growing all the time, you can understand that we urgently need dependable income to help us be there for animals that need us.

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Finn was in a really bad way – he needed urgent vet care and treatment. He stayed in our Emergency Care Ward, so he could have vets and vet nurses on hand 24 hours a day to monitor and provide the best care possible.

After 6 days in our Animal Hospital, our vets cleared him to be placed with a wonderful RSPCA volunteer foster family for around-the-clock care in a home environment. He was placed on a regiment of antibiotics and pain relief. Each week Finn would pop back into our Animal Hospital for a check up to review his progress and medications. Slowly week-by-week, little Finn began to recover. His swelling began to go down, his wounds started to clear up and he regained his zest for life.

After 16 weeks of vet care and round-the-clock care with a dedicated foster family, Finn was finally ready to find his new forever home. As Jessica Kelly, Finn’s Foster Mum said:

“I really wanted to make sure Finn found the best home possible – he’d spent over four months with me and my family – we were really attached to him. To see him come good, from a six week old, sore and sick little puppy to a happy vibrant six-month-old puppy has been a really emotional ride for me. But this is what it is all about – helping animals recover and find new loving homes for the rest of their lives.”

Finn has been rehomed and has a wonderful life ahead of him with thanks to our RSPCA Companions funding our life-saving work.

Finn is now leading a happy life full of love. Yet, it could all have been so different – for him, and for thousands more animals – if RSPCA hadn’t been there to help.

What’s more, it’s only because of the kind, ongoing support of people like you that we can keep going, and be there for animals like Finn for as long as we’re needed. Nick Crethar, our Chief Financial Officer, told me:

“If all the support of the community stopped today, we would have only the resources to provide our lifesaving services, caring for animals in need, for two months.”

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Every month thousands of animals like Finn experience pain and suffering. Without ongoing support, RSPCA simply may not be able to help them. Please help us to be there for all creatures, great and small, every step of the way.