• This tiny kitten saved the day for 20 others dumped under the tarp

  • The cats and kittens that were found under the tarp

  • One of the cats rescued, Allan, waiting for his new family

Sadly for our RSPCA Inspectorate, it’s not unusual to find unwanted pets dumped. But it just shouldn’t be happening. We hope that the return of our Operation Wanted desexing initiative helps to reduce the numbers of unwanted animals ending up on our streets, in shelters and in pounds by encouraging the desexing of cats before they can produce kittens.  

In February, 21 cats and kittens were discarded at the back of our newly opened RSPCA Op Shop in Toowoomba. 

RSPCA Op Shop Manager, Terry Pope, arrived at work early one morning and was alerted to soft meowing coming from the back of the building. Luckily it prompted him to investigate. There he found a tiny kitten, sitting beside a black tarpaulin.

Shockingly, it wasn’t just one stray kitten in need of help... Terry uncovered a lot more cats and kittens when he looked underneath the tarpaulin. 

“They were crammed into this filthy metal cage with urine and faeces and no water. It was heartbreaking and disgusting. We never use the back entrance so it could have been there for at least a day,” he said.

With no way of knowing who left the animals or what state they were in when left, our RSPCA Inspectorate began investigations and calls for information.

The sad reality is, had these cats been desexed by a responsible pet owner, they wouldn’t have ended up in this situation; unwanted and abandoned. 

All of the cats were treated and assessed by veterinarians. Many of them had ringworm and cat flu and required medication as well as baths to recover. Once well and old enough, the cats and kittens were desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and ready to find new homes. 

Sadly two of the 21 cats and kittens were too sick and didn’t recover from their ordeal, but almost all of the remaining cats and kittens have since gone on to find loving, new homes!

Allan here is the last of the abandoned cats, patiently waiting to find a new home at our Toowoomba RSPCA Adoption Centre. Meanwhile, he’s enjoying being a lap cat!

operation wanted cat allan rescued

You can help cats like Allan by spreading the word about our desexing initiative, Operation Wanted

Until August 31, participating vets in Queensland are offering 20% off cat and dog desexing. Visit www.operationwanted.com.au to register for the discount and find a participating vet near you. 

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