The joy a pet, friend or family member brings into our lives is invaluable; having to say goodbye is never easy.

The RSPCA Qld Give in Memory program offers the opportunity to create a lasting legacy in memory of your loved one.

Your donation will ensure we can continue to fight animal cruelty and help those in need across Queensland. Thousands of animals come into the care of the RSPCA each year and through the generous support of such donations, the life of your loved will be remembered and celebrated, and the animals in our care will be invaluably assisted.

You can make your Gift in Memory in the following ways:

1. Call our Planned Giving Team on (07) 3258 5645.

2. Give your Gift in Memory or Honor via our online donation page.

3. Download our dog photo Give In Memory donation form or cat photo Give in Memory donation form and post it to RSPCA via the address specified on the form.

Following your donation, a tax deductible receipt for donations over $2 will be sent to you and a sympathy card acknowledging your kindness will be sent to the next of kin on your behalf.

In memoriam information for funerals parlours

In lieu of flowers at the memorial service, many families choose to honour their loved one by requesting donations to the RSPCA. Reply paid memorial tribute envelopes for services can be made available upon request. Please contact our Planned Giving Team on (07) 3258 5645 for more information or to receive a supply of envelopes, or download the order form.