Are my monthly donations tax deductible?

Yes! RSPCA Queensland is a registered charity, all donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. Your support is the lifeblood of the RSPCA Qld. Receiving 96% of our funding from the community, we would not be able to help animals without you.

Is there a minimum amount I can contribute monthly?

All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. To ensure your donations are put to best use a minimum monthly donation of $5 is required.

What methods of payment can I use to set up my monthly donation?

We want to make monthly donations as easy as possible. You can donate monthly via:

  • Direct Debit
  • Credit Card

When during the month is my donation deducted?

To make donating as easy as possible for you, you can select from two different times during the month – whichever suits your circumstances best. You can choose between deductions on the 15th or the 28th of the month (or nearest business day).

How do I set up a monthly donation?

If you’re ready to become the best companion an animal could wish for, you can set up your monthly donation by:

Phone: Please call 1300 777 221 today! We can set your gift up in a few minutes.


Pen & Paper: you can fill in the RSPCA Companions form here and return to RSPCA via:

  • Email form to
  • Fax form to 07 3848 1178
  • Mail to RSPCA Companions, Locked Bag 3000, Archerfield BH, QLD 4108

Can you send me some information in the mail?

Yes, please call 1300 777 221 or email us to request more information.

When does my tax receipt arrive?

An end-of-financial-year receipt with all your tax deductible monthly donations for the year will be sent to you each July.

Do I need to renew my commitment each year?

That’s the beauty of becoming an RSPCA Companion - set and forget with no more forms or regular reminder letters. You can rest easy knowing each and every day you are helping animals - hassle-free and in the most effective way possible!

What if I need to cancel, suspend or change my donations?

We understand that circumstances change. Please contact our friendly Donor Care Team by phone 1300 777 221 or email. Your support is greatly appreciated and genuinely needed. Thank you for your commitment to helping animals in need all across Queensland.

I’m already a monthly donor and I need to update my details?

Thanks for keeping in touch! You can update your details by either contacting the Donor Care Team by phone 1300 777 221 or email, fax 07 3848 1178 or mail RSPCA Companions, Locked Bag 3000, Archerfield BH, QLD 4108.

If you need to update your payment details or expiry date you can download this form and return it via the contact details above.

Got another question about RSPCA Companions Program?

Please call 1300 777 221 or email the Donor Care Team to find out more.