• Starbuck's second birthday to the RSPCA

  • Starbuck the dog and Boomer the cat have grown up besties

Adopted together, Starbuck and Boomer didn’t have the best start to life and their new parents wanted to make sure they knew how loved and safe they would be from now on. They are now RSPCA Qld's newest Furbassadors and will help spread the word about adopting rescue animals. 

Starbuck was one of 3 stray pups, never reclaimed. She was transferred from the Townsville RSPCA to Brisbane with her other sibling. She had demodex and spent time recovering in a foster care home with regular baths to help her skin heal. It didn’t take long for her to recover and be ready for adoption. 

Boomer was picked up by the RSPCA Animal Ambulance with her mum and 2 other siblings. They were lost kitties in need of a home. They all spent some time in a foster home until they were able to be desexed and adopted. Boomer clearly took after her dad as her mum was a ginger tabby!