• Jordan and Justine with one of our RSPCA snakes available to adopt

  • Justine and Jordan with RSPCA cats available to adopt

Meet our latest RSPCA Ambassadors, Jordan and Justine Mowen! They are professional volleyball players keen to help the RSPCA. Here is a bit about the dynamic duo.

Why they want to support the cause:

Jordan: "The dedication and care the RSPCA organisation and workers have toward animal welfare and educating the community about animal welfare is admirable. I love animals and jumped at the opportunity to be a part of such a hard working charity that is making a positive difference in our community."

Justine: "I have a great love for animals and I have always wanted to be a part of the RSPCA family; whether that was through the adoption or volunteer program. I am honoured to be named an RSPCA ambassador as I have great respect for the endless charitable work they do and I believe my core values align well with the RSPCAs."

Their pets over the years:

"Over the years our family pets have included 3 dogs, 5 Guinea Pigs, a few gold fish, and some field mice."

Jordan: "My favourite pet would be my first dog, Roxy, a black Labrador cross Rottweiler. She was a beautiful balance of loving and playful, as well as smart and protective."

Justine: "I've always seen dogs as man's best friend. They truly become part of the family just like another being. I would have to agree and say Roxy has been the favourite... she was with us for 11 years through our childhood and teenage years. It was hard to let her go..."

Their passions:

Jordan: "I'm very passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and being physically active. I love competing in my sport of beach volleyball at an International level, testing my boundaries and experiencing different cultures. I'm also eager to be a part of projects making a difference in the world by either helping the environment, people or animals."

Justine: "I am passionate about living a healthy, active and rewarding life. I love adventure, testing my limits, travelling, experiencing different cultures, yoga, sport, quality family time, nature, the outdoors, the beach, nutritious food, indulging with friends, being Eco friendly and giving back to the community. I love being an advocate for a healthy and holistic lifestyle. Life to me is about being present in every moment. And I truly believe you have never lived until you have done something for someone who cannot repay you."

Keep an eye out for the Mowen sisters at RSPCA events and helping to promote various aspects of the cause. You can follow their Instagram here.