• Lucinda was unable to walk due to the nappy taped so tightly around her little tummy

  • Tom had a broken front leg and was suffering

  • The xrays of Tom’s broken leg show that it was a serious break

Alkira was alone, starving and injured. She was locked in a bathroom at a house that was filthy with faeces and urine, rubbish and needles. She was left without food and water for up to two weeks. She had a broken hind leg and a deep scar around her muzzle and scarring on her side.

When we brought Alkira to our shelter we discovered that Alkira’s broken leg was not recent, instead this three month old puppy had been suffering with an untreated break for around two weeks. 

Two months later in November, the police were searching a duffle bag of a person that they wanted to question. Inside the bag they were shocked to discover a puppy! The day was over 31 degrees and you can just imagine how hot it was inside the bag. This puppy, Tom, was very distressed, he was dazed and unresponsive.

Not only was he in a duffle bag he was also placed inside a plastic bag and had a further plastic bag taped tightly around his waist. The police immediately cut off the bags and released the puppy but he was suffering heat distress and was very dehydrated. After taking everything off the puppy it was unable to walk at all and he had a broken front leg.

However this isn't the end of the story. There was one more puppy, called Lucinda who was found by the police on the floor in the back of a car during a police search in December 2018. She was panting and shaking. She had a nappy tied so tight around her waist that it caused her little tummy to bulge and she was unable to walk.

This neglect and pain that these three puppies experienced were all from the same person! It is unbelievable that one person could be responsible for so much pain and suffering. Due to the tireless work of our Inspectors and Prosecution team the person responsible for this terrible treatment of poor defenceless puppies was placed in gaol and has a lifetime ban on owning an animal ever again.

However, one abused animal is one too many. RSPCA Queensland is here to protect all animals, great and small, but we cannot do this without your help.

Every month, RSPCA Queensland is actively managing an ongoing caseload of close to 2,000 animal abuse or neglect complaints, which includes cases where people are officially charged with an animal cruelty offense and legally prosecuted.

This work is incredibly expensive and our resources are stretched very thin. It costs more than $3.6 million annually to run our Inspectorate Department. With the Government only providing 4% of the funds we need to perform our crucial work, we rely on the generosity of supporters, like you, to help us continue being the voice for the voiceless.