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Meet one of the animals you will be helping


Itchy, sore and almost totally bald on her lower back, Juney looked totally miserable when Inspector Anita arrived to rescue her.

Her coat was infested with fleas and poor Juney had suffered a terrible allergic reaction to the bites, making the constant irritation even harder to bear. Her skin was so angry and inflamed, but she just couldn’t stop biting and scratching herself in an effort to ease the tormenting itch.

During her time at the RSPCA Animal Care Centre, Juney was given a thorough treatment plan to clear up her skin and help her patchy coat grow back. She received twice-weekly medicated baths to reduce inflammation and treat her dermatitis, as well as oral medication to treat it from the inside.

Slowly, but surely, Juney started to look and feel like herself again. She’d come such a long way – from the nervous girl who arrived at the clinic to a healthy looking and confident cuddle bug!

After three months of care, Juney was ready to start the next chapter of her life with loving new owners. She was adopted earlier this year and is now enjoying life pain and irritation-free with her family who adore her.

Thank you for making happy-ever-afters (like this one) possible for mistreated animals like Juney.