Little Tilly was living life at the end of a chain that was heavier than she was, with no love or affection.  

Her life was terrible, but worse was in her future as she was living with 19 other dogs, eight of whom were covered in scars from dog fighting.  

We must take action to stop dog fighting!

Dog fighting is a sport involving the pitting of dogs against each other in a fight, usually to the death. Dogs are encouraged to react aggressively to other dogs, are consistently injured, and rarely treated by vets. These dogs are raised without any comfort or love and with deliberate cruelty.  Tragically, we know dogs that are the subject of organised dog fighting are unable to escape a life of perpetual conflict and misery.  

These dogs live their life in fear and aggression.   

Our RSPCA QLD Taskforce have stopped several dog fighting operations over the past couple of years.  We are passionate that we need to end this barbaric practice, as we can’t allow dogs to be trained to hurt each other for sport!  How is this entertainment?

Your help is urgent, as we must continue to investigate and stop this cruelty.

Over the past couple of years we have rescued 61 dogs from dog fighting operations however we face enormous difficulty in obtaining  evidence of involvement in dog fighting as it’s a secretive, undercover activity.  Our Taskforce is stretched to the limit to uncover evidence that dog fighters try to hide so we can prosecute them to the full extent of law

Your donation will help in 3 critical ways:

  1. RESCUE - Inspectors, emergency gear
  2. RECOVER - vet care, shelter, play with volunteers
  3. RE-HOME - a loving new family

Please donate to protect animals like Tilly in such deadly danger. Your help is needed now.