We hope that Chicory, a beautiful Red Heeler, doesn’t remember where she spent the first few months of her life as she was kept in shocking conditions.

Chicory’s owners kept her in a trailer that wasn’t meant for animals to live in. There were piles of faeces on the floor, and the filthy conditions made poor Chicory sick. She was living in a dog transport trailer. It was never meant for animals to live in and was completely unsuitable. For a start, it was far too small for an animal to spend an extended length of time.

Chicory wasn’t a newborn puppy any more. She was four months old and growing. She could hardly stretch out in the trailer, let alone do what her legs were telling her they wanted to do. They wanted to run. As a Red Heeler, Chicory was born to work. She had energy to burn and a mind that wanted to learn. But instead she was stuck in a filthy, cramped trailer – not knowing whether the sun was out or even if it was night or day.

Chicory was one of 73 dogs rescued– some of whom were pregnant. Every animal needed to be seen by a vet and have a clean place to sleep. I am sure you can understand what a huge challenge that was and how the RSPCA resources were stretched.

Dogs like Chicory need a Guardian Angel to help give them the care they need. This Christmas we are asking people like you to take on this role.

During this Christmas season we are expecting to have 13,000 animals come through the doors of RSPCA Queensland who will all need to be adopted. You can make sure they have all the care they need while they wait for their forever homes.

Please will you become a Guardian Angel for all the dogs, cats and other animals who need to find a loving home.

Yes, I want to be a Guardian Angel!