• Jake and Cheeky did everything together

  • Loved by everyone who knew her!

  • Jake and Cheeky were best friends

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When Jake lost his beloved best friend, his adorable little four-year-old English Staffy dog Cheeky, his heart was irrevocably shattered. Jake and Cheeky did everything together. She was loved by everyone who knew her – and was definitely the centre of attention of his entire family and circle of friends.

Sadly, Cheeky accidentally got out of her backyard due to a faulty latch on the gate. Within half an hour Jake and an army of family and friends searched frantically for Cheeky and continued to search for days and weeks afterwards before they finally found out from RSPCA Qld what happened to Cheeky.

Cheeky’s case is currently being prosecuted through the courts by our Inspectorate team. In his Victim Impact Statement, Jake describes his overwhelming despair at what a witness said happened to her …

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“We are waiting for a decision to see whether a Magistrate finds that a man who lives in my street killed Cheeky unlawfully when she wandered onto his property - by strangling her and hitting her with a sledgehammer, and then throwing her body onto his lawn."

“Even though Cheeky’s body was never found and even though a court is going to decide whether she is dead or not, I know she must be dead. If she could even have dragged herself anywhere, broken and bleeding, she would have come home to me. Or, if she couldn’t move, we would have found her or her body."

“Since the loss of Cheeky, the incident has caused severe emotional and psychological pain to me and my loved ones. I struggle to come to terms with the fact that she suffered, and I wasn’t there to help her … anytime I begin to experience happiness I think about Cheeky and what happened to her and I am overcome with the grief of losing her.”

Every month RSPCA Queensland is actively managing an ongoing caseload of almost 2,000 animal cruelty or neglect complaints, which includes cases where people are officially charged with an animal welfare offence and legally prosecuted.

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In order to prevent future cases of animal cruelty, we must prosecute cruelty offenders, like we have with the defendant in Cheeky’s case. And, it is essential that our skilled Inspectors and Prosecution Officers have the resources needed to continually enforce animal cruelty laws and keep offenders accountable. Without proper punishment and precedent there’s little to deter others from committing animal welfare offences, and the legislation would therefore be fruitless.

We receive less than 2% of our income from the Government, so we must rely on you to be able to investigate and prosecute cases of animal cruelty.

If you can, please give a donation today towards the essential work of our Inspectorate Department which costs $3.6 million annually to run, so in the next financial year we can continue to ensure that every complaint of animal cruelty we receive is actioned.

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