Help Skippy Avoid Being a Road Statistic

Wildlife Posted Dec 15, 2020
You're driving along the road at night, keeping watch of other drivers, your speedo, listening to the radio... everything and anything can be a distraction! So what should you know about wildlife on our roads?

We have such an abundance of fauna in Queensland that they can sometimes take us by surprise while we are driving. Here are some helpful tips to take note of when driving to avoid collisions.

  • Stay alert particularly in signed wildlife areas

  • Avoid distractions such as passengers and the radio

  • Slow down in high wildlife areas, expect the unexpected

  • Avoid swerving and brake gradually

  • Scan from side to side to watch for animals on either side of the road

  • Limit driving through wildlife areas at dawn and dusk if possible

  • Use your high beam when allowed but never flash your lights at wildlife

If you come across sick or injured wildlife follow these steps, and call our 24/7 Animal Emergency Hotline for assistance here

Dr Mandy Paterson
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