Volunteer Rescue Unit Drivers Needed!

Animal Welfare Rescue Volunteering Wildlife Posted Dec 5, 2022
“You feel like you’re really making a difference, that’s what we love about it!”
Calling all Townsville and Rockhampton animal lovers…

We’re looking for passionate volunteers to rescue animals in the region! Our rescue drivers help transport sick or injured domestic and native animals right across the state.

Sadly, as our caring volunteers have started to return to work, we’re urgently needing more volunteers right across Queensland. If you have a day or half a day to spare a week, would you like to volunteer? A full list of volunteer positions at RSPCA Queensland can be found here.

RSPCA Queensland spokesperson Emma Lagoon says volunteers are the lifeblood of the charity, “We wouldn’t be here without our volunteers. They help us save thousands of animals every year.

What's it like to volunteer as an RSPCA Rescue Driver?

Danny and Marlea have been volunteering as Animal Rescue Drivers for five years, helping hundreds of animals each week.

Danny says, “Rescues and releases are our daily highlights, especially when you get to reunite little animals with their presents. You feel like you’re really making a difference, that’s what we love about it!”

There are four-hour or eight-hour volunteer Animal Rescue Driver shifts available every day of the week.

Rescue drivers respond to calls for assistance sent to the Rescue Unit and collect and transport animals that need help to a nearby vet. Animals commonly rescued include birds, dogs, cats, and more!

The RSPCA team provides all the training you need for the role. If you have a friend or partner that also wants to help, they can assist you on road during your rescue shift too!

Keen to help make a difference to the lives of animals in need? Apply to volunteer for our Rockhampton Rescue Unit here, or Townsville Rescue Unit here.

Emma Lagoon
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