Hi, I’m Honey

THIS DOG HAS SPECIFIC, NON-NEGOTIABLE HOUSING REQUIREMENTS. Please do not apply if you cannot demonstrate ability to meet them.


Hi, Meet Miss Honey...

Honey is a sweet BIG girl (36kg!) who had come into the shelter very wary of new people, sights and sounds, but has really turned a corner on that front now that she feels safe and secure in her environment.

She will be a great companion to adults, or a family with older children as she can still be a little unsure at times. She loves her cuddles, and may believe at times she is a lap dog, despite her size! She loves attention.

We are currently looking for an only-dog household for Honey as she is preferring the company of people to dogs. Her interactions with other dogs will need strict management, and high, secure colourbond or wooden fencing is essential. The fencing will need to reduce her visual line to the street to help her remain calm.

You'll meet your daily step goals with this girl as she loves a long ramble around the gardens. Start in a quiet calm area away from other dogs in yards, and slowly build up the trust and the relationship. You'll also need to become an expert at providing plenty of mental enrichment activities to keep her engaged and not frustrated or bored. There are so many fun tips and tools out there to help with this - it's as rewarding for the human as it is for the dog!

This girl really deserves the best home, because BIG DOGS MATTER TOO! If you think that home could be with you, please apply online and come to the shelter to meet her.

Her adoption fee includes Honey, her desexing, microchip and health check and up to date with vaccinations, worming and flea treatments!

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