Hi, I’m Maxi

We caught Mr Maxi on 'Plenty of Fish', and here's what we found on his profile:

Chillaxed, affectionate home-body seeking chillaxed, affectionate home-body. While I mightn't be a spring chicken anymore, there really are some fantastic benefits to ageing. I'm well versed in love, I've got wisdom beyond my years, I'm comfortable in my own skin and I'm the perfect listener and keeper of secrets!

I enjoy romantic cuddle sessions on the couch and snacking on roast chicken. A human partner who enjoys couches and roast chicken is preferred. #nocabbage Exercise is a must - I just love getting out and about, making friends, smelling the roses, reading my wee-mails.

I'm not one to waste the entire day in a conscious state, so will be sure to schedule in some snoozes between watching my favourite daytime tv shows and reading an epic novel like Les Mis, Anna Karenina, The Great Gatsby...I think you get the drift.

Heaps of raving parties at home? Bleh. I'm not into that kind of hype, but social gatherings with friends and even a kumbayah session are more up my alley! Plus, I'm not one to put my neighbours off-side with drunken antics and doof doof music into the early hours of the morning.

I don't mind a companion who has to go to work - I can keep myself busy with household chores and ensuring all the enrichment toys have been emptied... (and the food within 'quality tested' of course) *wink*. Extra attention will be required when you are home with me though! Not interested in a FIFO relationship.

I don't come with any children, but am open to meeting yours providing they aren't little goblins that run around the house yelling and screaming all day long. That would be a lot of nope from me.

Dogs? Walking dates, yes please! Sharing my home with another pooch - possibly. I don't need a canine companion, and do love just hanging with my humans.

If this all sounds good to you, and you are looking for long term commitment too, then I'm ready to be your life partner!
#home-body #ilovemyhumans #companion #couchsnuggles #mmmroastchicken #earlybedtime #nannanaps #sunseeker #loyal #clever

Please put in an adoption application through here https://www.rspcaqld.org.au/apply-to-adoptput ...And if it sounds like we were made for each other then my people will call your people to chat!

Super Senior Adoption Price $145

My diary

26 APRIL 2022

Look how easy I am to walk... and will sit for treats 🐶

21 MARCH 2022

Maxi loves his walks

20 MARCH 2022

Cuddles with maxi

20 MARCH 2022

Maxi with his new toy

14 DECEMBER 2021

Maxi going on a walk with his toy tiger

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