Hi, I’m Martina

Like Martina Nav-cat-ilova. One of the greatest female tennis players of all time! I think I have the right, she was a little before my time. Well, I'm a champion too, in my own cat-egory. I'm a sweet, shy, affectionate lady, with good looks to match! I'm not purrfect (yet) though, I need to work on my confidence. I think I just need the right coach - are you up for the job?
I need someone supporting me from the sidelines, offering me love, and patience and encouragement. I'm quite timid and cautious by nature and take time to adjust, settle and start to relax. I need to take things at my own pace, like exploring your house - I have nine lives to fill after all! So let me get used to a small space first and I'll graduate to center court when I'm ready. Once I'm feeling comfortable, I'll come looking for pats and attention, but I need to take things slowly.
Like an elite athlete, I need my protein. I'll take chicken please! My training partners should be calm older children - no dogs please.

please fill out an adoption application today! https://www.rspcaqld.org.au/expression-of-interest-to-adopt
Adoption Price $165

My diary


Still not convinced these toys are fun, but I’ll have a go since it pleases u!

30 OCTOBER 2021

I’m scared of tricks so I’ll take treats for Halloween please!?! 🎃🐱👻

30 OCTOBER 2021

So this is what they mean by play therapy! 😸🐾

30 OCTOBER 2021

BUNT! I’ll let u know when I feel like a nice gentle pat! 🐱💗 #caturday

30 OCTOBER 2021

I’m intrigued by human toys but I’m still learning they’re fun not scary! 🐱❤️🐾

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