Hi, I’m Rocket

Did I get your attention with my stylish posing for the camera?! Well now that I have your attention, let me tell you a bit about myself. The names Rocket, I'm stylish, hip and very unique. So unique that I forget how to cat at times. Truth be told I am a little under socialised around humans so don't act as you would expect a 'normal' cat to. I am on the hunt for a loving and patient human who is willing and dedicated to my ongoing rehabilitation.
I get a bit cheeky and love to play bite/kick and roll around for attention. My foster parents call me a wriggly worm with teefies.
A crate is my safe space to begin. Once we are comfortable together working in this space I then require a launch room where I can be set up in and allowed to explore and slowly get comfortable.
I do love to play so we can have lots of games together. I love chasing wand toys and batting small balls and toys around the floor.
I would love my home to be quiet with no children running around as they frighten me far too much. I do LOVE other cats and will do best with another cat friend as they help me feel safe and help me to settle into new surroundings. If you have another cat they must be very social and playful and tolerant of me being a bit rough.
Please think long and hard before placing an adoption request for me. I know I am very handsome and am hard to resist. But I am going to need ongoing work, commitment and patience. I really am a loving boy who is just a bit confused!
You can follow my progress on instagram fosterfriends_best_life

Apply to adopt me today - https://www.rspcaqld.org.au/adopt

Adoption price: $165

My diary


I’m not always a worried boy..it just takes me a while to feel comfortable.


That’s me on the left.. waiting patiently for the humans food.. yum!!


I love to play rough with other cats.. but I also love cuddle time!

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