Hi, I’m Jackson

Jackson is a sweet shy boy looking for a calm and patient experienced dog owner.

Jackson has lots of love to give, enjoys being close to people and loves getting pats so his new home should allow him indoors to be with the family as much as possible.

Jackson can be nervous and unsure in new environments and when meeting new people so needs a calm quiet home with no children and he is very unsure of close handling and is quite head shy.

His new home will need to have a safe place for Jackson such as a crate or mat where he can retreat to when overwhelmed and people should refrain from approaching him while he's in his safe place and allow him his personal space. When Jackson is comfortable with you he can be quite playful and tends to jump up a lot so his new owners will need to continue working on basic obedience and manners.

Jackson is social but unsure with other dogs so he would do well in a home with a calm, social and tolerant dog that isn't going to be too pushy with him - must meet at time of adoption.

If you would like to meet Jackson, please come in by 5pm

Adoption Price $350

Please note:

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