Hi, I’m Gary

So I'm here today representing " The Finer Feline" Magazine(not a real magazine)) and I have been asked to interview cats from all walks of life. It is my pleasure to introduce Gary to you!

Me: So Gary, how did you come to be at this fine establishment that is the Rspca?
Gary: Look I was really lucky to end up here, the volunteers here are truly amazing. I have been looked after soooo well while I been here, but I feel its time for me to move on to a more permanent home.

Me: Sounds Amazing, if you had a wish list for your new home, what would you like to be on it?
Gary: Gees that's a hard question, but of course someone who will love me and give me cuddles, a safe and secure home, and just to make sure that I am happy with toys, food and maybe a lounge companion from time to time, I don't think that's too much too ask, do you? ( Notes happy look on Gary's face) Also I am not suited to a home with children, cats or dogs

If you would like to meet me, please come down to Miami today :)

Adoption Price: $165

My diary

21 DECEMBER 2019

Ok, I’ll take a pat. But what I really want for Christmas is a furever home! πŸ±β€οΈπŸŽ„πŸ‘


Purr! I love me some gentle pats! πŸ’—πŸ± #adoptme


Let me just rest here while u give me a nice pat! Yes please! πŸ±πŸ’– #caturday

30 OCTOBER 2019

No tricks for me! I’ll take some treats or a few good pats for Halloween! πŸŽƒπŸ±πŸ‘»

27 OCTOBER 2019

I think I could get used to being a lap cat (some of the time)! πŸ±β€οΈπŸ’€ #adoptme

26 OCTOBER 2019

Oh hi! What u got for me? Snacks? Pats? A forever home?!? 🐱❀️🏑 #caturday

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