Hi, I’m Amaya

Amaya is the name and 'play' is the game. I'm sure you can see from my picture that I am super cute and my markings are extra pretty, what you might not be able to tell is that I'm also a young girl who just loves to have fun. Play time is the best, and I have my favourite toys to chase around. Would you like to be my new favourite toy? Or at least the human who is willing to play with me, perhaps with a lazer pointer or a wand toy? I promise the novelty won't be wearing off anytime soon, we will have hours of fun together. Besides, how can you resist these big eyes of mine?
I'm desexed, microchipped and I'm up to date with all of my treatments, all I'm missing is a family and a safe INDOOR ONLY home. Being inside only is great life for a kitty, it helps me avoid things like ticks, snakes, cars and wandering dogs, plus it means I can play and nap away without any concern.

If you think I am too good to be true, come and find out for yourself. I will be waiting for you at the MIAMI RSPCA OP SHOP!

Adoption Price $165

Please note:

  • A property check may be required before ADOPTION to ensure the safety and welfare of adoption animals. Rental agreements allowing pets will be required for adoptions into rental properties. Differential pricing may apply.
  • This website is live and updates frequently, there is a chance that by the time you arrive at our location the animal you have an interest in might have been adopted by another party. We unfortunately can not put animals on hold over the phone.