Hi, I’m Arlo

Hi everybody, I'm Arlo! I'm very excited to meet my forever family and show you how lovely I am.

* I am looking for an experienced dog home where my owners are patient, caring and can give me plenty of time to settle in so I can feel comfortable.

* A home where there is not much coming and going and that is relaxed would suit me perfectly. An adult only household would also be perfect as I like peace, quiet and tranquility.

* I would make an excellent companion dog and bond really well to my human. Somewhere I can snuggle up next to you for never ending pats and cuddles. Being included in day to day activities would be a dream come true.

* I will need 6ft secure fencing to keep me safe and sound, and a large yard so I can do my zoomies in. I really enjoy my food so any food enrichment toys are my favourite, they keep me entertained and keep my mind active. Physical stimulation is also something I am passionate about and love to go on walks.... Can we go together?

* I like to meet other dogs but I am still getting used to how to play with them so slow introductions are the best way to go. If you have a calm social female dog at home already I'd love to meet her before going home to ensure we will be best of friends for years to come.

My diary

15 AUGUST 2019

Strike a pose! 😍

Please note:

  • A property check may be required before ADOPTION to ensure the safety and welfare of adoption animals. Rental agreements allowing pets will be required for adoptions into rental properties. Differential pricing may apply.
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