Hi, I’m Jet

Jet is a bit of a sponge for love, he is always at the gate to greet you, and would honestly be in the house with you if he thought he could get away with it. He is easy to catch, stands nicely while you get a halter on him and leads beautifully, although he will be checking your pockets for treats the whole time. Jet really is a chatty fellow and will carry on a great conversation with you when you go in to feed or brush him. He does love a good rub down, but he can be a bit fussy with his feet getting picked, apparently not a fan of being a 3 legged horse for any amount of time. He is a lovely calm boy and very gentle with good manners, although a slightly different set of personal boundaries, he does like to be close to you when you are with him.

**JET IS NOT AT THE SHELTER** Jet is staying with a foster carer. If you would like to know more about him, or organise to met Jet, please email adoptfromfoster@rspcaqld.org.au - don't forget to include his name and animal ID

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