Hi, I’m Oolgie

Oh the promise this boy shows! He moves beautifully when lunged and has a lovely balance. He is still rather shy and can be nervous around new people. But he has a keen curiosity and a good willingness to learn. Once he gets used to you, he is a very accomplished pick pocket, and carrots are turning out to be a favorite treat. Talking about treats, he hasn't had much exposure to them so can be a bit confused at what they are, but oh, once he figures it out he sure does like them. Oolgie really needs an experienced friend to be with, as he learns a lot by watching his paddock buddy, but he shows interest in his neighbour horses and "chats" across the fence all the time, so as long as he has someone with him he will be fine. Oolgie now has a lot of energy and would really thrive from being exercised regularly and exposed to new lessons. He is super gentle, and shows no signs of aggressive behavior to people or horses, no kicking or biting and is such a gentleman when taking treats, he does like to lick to make sure he gets every bit of his treat. Oh, and for a Cremello, Ooglie is actually pretty good at keeping himself clean.

**OOGLIE IS NOT AT THE SHELTER ** He is in foster care. If you would like to meet Ooglie, please email adoptfromfoster@rspcaqld.org.au and don't forget to include his name and ID number.

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