Hi, I’m Kalysta

Hello Everyone,

I am looking for a special home that can take time with me and teach me about how cool humans are.

I am currently in foster and have been showing my braver side. I like to rub against your legs and give you lots of chatty chirps.
The other day I even became brave enough to give the other furry doggy friend in the house some head bunts on his legs. He is a very nice doggy who was gentle so if I have a doggy friend I would like them to be too.

A home where there is older children, teens or adults would be best for me as I can be quite worried. If you home is busy, I might be a little overwhelmed.

If you think I might be the perfect fit for your family, please fill out an adoption application today! https://www.rspcaqld.org.au/expression-of-interest-to-adopt

Adoption Price:$165

My diary

7 AUGUST 2022

If I’m not in the mood for pats let’s have fun playing

7 AUGUST 2022

Eyes on the prize! But what I’m really looking for is my forever home! 🐱❤️🏡

19 FEBRUARY 2022

I’m not a big fan of other cats… but I am a great office supervisor! 🐱❤️🖥

8 JANUARY 2022

=share I feel shy in new places so I find cozy spots to relax

6 JANUARY 2022

Who u calling big ears?!? All the better to hear u open yummy food packets with

1 JANUARY 2022

New Years is too noisy for me! I’ll just relax here until the fireworks finish!

19 JUNE 2019

My turn for pats! Yes! 🐱❤️ #AdoptDontShop

15 JUNE 2019

Is it a bird? A plane? Someone coming to adopt me?!? 🐱❤️🏡 #caturday

8 MAY 2019

Baby Bella hanging out at the Sit, drop, shop Springfield

7 MAY 2019

"Not only am I pretty, I'm pretty cute too"

4 MAY 2019


4 MAY 2019

Sibling time.

3 MAY 2019

Baby Bella still loving as beautiful as usual.

2 MAY 2019

Beautiful Bella having a snuggle with her brother.

1 MAY 2019

I'm SO relaxed right now!

30 APRIL 2019

It’s a cuddly kind of morning

30 APRIL 2019

Playtime at Springfield

28 APRIL 2019

Sleepy time at sit, drop, shop Springfield

25 APRIL 2019

Sepherina here, slowly coming out of my tortoiseshell and looking for love

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