Hi, I’m Piper

Piper is a Thoroughbred mare. When you come into the paddock she will come up to you and loves the attention.

Her height is approximately 16hands.

She is easy to handle, but needs to learn basic manners. She is a lovely horse who needs other equines for company. She has a super sweet nature. Does get a little nervous with farriers and vets but if you go slow and give her plenty of reassurance, she calms quickly.

Piper has an old injury on the right back foot near the fetlock, this does not seem to cause her any issues, but may become an issue after vigorous exercise.

She likes to be the first to be brought in at night. Also she likes to have other horses around her not necessary in the same paddock. She tries to be the alpha in a paddock but has accepted the alpha gelding in her foster home is above her and she is okay with that. It is best to feed her separately when in a paddock.

I have two dogs and they are coming down to the horses and she is generally good with them as well.
**PIPER IS NOT AT THE SHELTER** she is in foster care. If you would like to meet Piper, please email adoptfromfoster@rspcaqld.org.au including her name and animal ID number

Adoption fee $400

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