Hi, I’m Dusty

Say hello to Dusty. Dusty is a sweet-natured gentleman who responds really well to food, kindness and reassurance.

Dusty can be a little nervous and skittish when asked to do anything new but after a second or third experience of it he learns and is quiet as a lamb. He has NO ability to assert himself with another horse and he IS quite dependent on his current paddock mate, but becoming less so. He's a lovely quiet, gentle horse in day-to-day handling but as mentioned before, he can be rather nervous.
He was a little reluctant to be caught initially but he seems to be over that now.

With an unchanging routine with regular handling Dusty would probably be fine with a beginner but it would be preferable if there was an experienced person in the background who could correct any 'advantage-taking' behaviours.

Dusty was trucked to his foster home and is in the process of being float trained.

Dusty is fully vaccinated, including Hendra and he's up-to-date with worming, teeth and hooves. He's currently living in foster in the Mt Mee area.

If you would like to meet Dusty, please email adoptfromfoster@rspcaqld.org.au

Adoption Price $400 (or $650 for Dusty and his friend Bambi... Hint! Hint!)



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