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Last year RSPCA Qld received 18,332 animal cruelty complaints and neglect calls.

Our team of 20 full-time inspectors are responsible for not only enforcing the Queensland Animal Care and Protection Act 2001, but they are dedicated to investigating and getting to the bottom of animal cruelty and neglect complaints in all major regions throughout Queensland.

The Inspectorate continues to focus on educating the public in the hope of ensuring that every animal is treated appropriately, however, in more severe matters where education is no longer an option, further action is required.

In these instances, we issued 166 animal welfare directions, seized 285 animals, completed 34 forfeiture applications and prosecuted 27 offenders for breaches of the Act, mainly relating to ‘failure to treat’ offences. All prosecutions were successful, and we are grateful for the pro bono representation provided by members of the legal profession, including BLEATS (Brisbane Lawyers Educating and Advocating for Tougher Sentences).