An RSPCA Qld special emergency appeal for the Glenarbon puppy farm seizure 2017 - please give generously now

$2000 a day.

This is the true cost of caring for and healing the broken bodies of the 81 dogs and 10 cats seized from an alleged puppy farm at Glenarbon this week.

It does not include the cost of food generously donated to all shelter animals by Hills. It does not include the cost of specialist veterinary care like complex surgeries and blood transfusions many of these poor creatures require.

These animals have a long way to go before they are ready for adoption.

It’s overwhelming, heartbreaking, and costly.

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This massive and sudden influx of sick and injured animals has put enormous pressure on RSPCA Queensland’s resources.

Every staff member and volunteer is working overtime to cope, and it is absolutely critical we do not allow this to affect our ability to care for the most vulnerable animals in need.

Summer is peak breeding season at RSPCA and our resources are stretched. We plan for this. We will not turn animals away.

But no one could have foreseen a seizure of this magnitude.

Not even us.

Donate Now!

RSPCA Queensland receives less than 1% government funding.

We rely on generous financial support from our community to ensure we can meet the challenge of caring for animals in need.

By donating just $40, or whatever you can afford, you will be providing care and protection to the 81 dogs and 10 cats seized from Glenarbon, and helping to ensure RSPCA Queensland has the resources it requires to bring the perpetrators of animal cruelty and neglect to justice.

Please give generously now.

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